Another Extraordinary World Series ~ Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs. May the "Billy Curse" RIP

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If any fan of baseball was disappointed in this ~ 2016 MLB World Series ~ shame on you. Not only congratulations to the Title winners, the Chicago Cubs; but, also to the Cleveland Indians. The excitement provided by both teams was extraordinary. Unfortunately, there can on be one winner and the Cubs came out on top in extra innings in the final Game 7. 

Ben Zobrist gave the Cubs a one run lead in tenth with a RBI double.
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Cubs Ben Zobrist, WS MVP, crunching out the RBI double to take the lead in the tenth. Catcher Miguel Montero adding an insurance RBI single. 

Indians Rajai Davis, who had powered out a two-run homer in the ninth to tie the game, came back with a two out RBI single in the bottom of the tenth to cut the Cubs lead to one run, 8-7. Cubs Mike Montgomery replaced Carl Edwards, Jr. 

Montgomery got the final out and the Cubs are crowned World Series Champions of 2016. After 108 years, the Cubs see victory; and, finally laid to rest the "Billy Goat curse". The last year the Cubs were in the World Series, 71 years ago, 1945. Billy Sianis, owner of the Billy Goat Tavern, was escorted out of Wrigley Field due to the foul smell of his pet goat (at least, one of the stories told). He laid the curse upon the team and they did not see a title in 1945. Nor had the northend Chicago team seen an appearance since until this season.  

Indians Corey Kluber in his third start during the series. He is only the third pitcher in the MLB Wild Card era to start 3 games in one World Series. He joins former St. Louis Cardinals Chris Carpenter and former Arizona Diamondback Curt Schilling. Cubs Dexter Flower slugged out a lead-off solo shot to give the Cubs the first lead in the first inning. In his four innings, as strong as Kluber had been with hold a 0.87 ERA through the playoffs, he would allow 2 HR/4 ER. Andrew Miller replaced him on the mound in the fifth allowing the Cubs yet another run for their 5-1 lead by the end of the fifth.

Cubs Kyle Hendricks faced Kluber. Only going 4.2 IP, he allowed two runs with one earned. Jon Lester followed in the fifth for three innings. The Indians added two more runs on Lester's wild pitch cutting the Cubs lead to two. The Indians showed no mercy to Aroldis Chapman, and did not give up in this intense game of play. Chapman, 1.1 IP, was stung by Davis with his two run homer to tie the score in the ninth to go to extra innings. And the rest is history. 

It was seven great games by the #1 team, 103 regular season wins, first the clinch their NL Central Division for the first postseason berth in both leagues, the Chicago Cubs. They faced the American League Cleveland Indians, whom no one even considered them as contenders in the playoffs, let alone closing their season first in the AL Central 94-67. They swept the Boston Red Sox in the ALDS. They took out the Toronto Blue Jays, 4-1, in the ALCS to advance to the World Series. They definitely were the underdogs in the World Series. However, the Indians did not make it easy for the Cubs. Having home field advantage, they tied the series in the first two games, before heading to Wrigley Field. They continued their winning ways, with taking the first two of three games in Chicago. But, the Cubs began to make their statement and came back from a 3-1 deficit, to take the series, 4-3. The last the Indians allowed a game lead (3) slip away was in 1979 WS. The last the Indians won a World Series Title was in 1948. 

I enjoyed this World Series on two levels. One, the two teams playing were not the usual teams we have seen in past seasons. Two, this history behind each team was pretty amazing. I congratulate both teams. Yes, even though the last two games were in Cleveland Progressive Field, rest assured Cubs fans were celebrating in Chicago; and, across the country. I'm sure, they are still reeling in their victory today. I know I have family and friends who certainly will be. I only hope, my dad and Dolores, my mother-in-law, were watching from Heaven above to finally see their Cubs victorious. 


It will be quite the parade in the City of Chicago for the northenders' Cubs (down Michigan Avenue ?). The event is expected to be tomorrow, Friday, November 4. I look for the parade route to be revealed sometime this afternoon and all of Chicago will fill available space along the way. 

I know the American League Cleveland Indians fans are disappointed; but, truly hope they hold pride in their teams performance. This was one of the great, this 2016 World Series, in my opinion.