Lance Lynn ~ Looks to 2017, Putting Tommy John Behind Him, Ready To Return

In 2015, Lance Lynn earned his way to the #2 spot in the St. Louis Cardinals rotation, behind Adam Wainwright. He pitched 175.1 innings, allowed 172 hits; however, held the opposition to only 13 HR/59 ER with dealing out 167 strikeouts. He closed the season 12-11/3.03 ERA. With Wainwright out for the 2015 season due to his Achilles injury, Lynn became a very solid and depended upon starter. He, himself, was dealing with an elbow issue as early as June of that season; but, worked through till the end. Partly due to Wainwright's demise; and, not wanting to let the team down. To do all he was capable of with his calm and cool demeanor on the mound. Well, for the most part. Occasionally, we did see "The Bear" power walking off the hill. 

In 2015, Lance Lynn became a very important part of the Cardinals rotation as #2 starter.

In November 2015, the decision was made for Lynn's future - Tommy John surgery was needed; thus, taking him out for the 2016 season. Now, he is ready to go forward into 2017, which will be his last season of his 3 Yr/$22 MM contract. He will be a free agent in 2018. An interview with Stan McNeal, Inside Access, he talks of the patience he had to rely heavily upon during recovery and rehab. And, it paid off listening to those who guided him through a season without being able to pitch. One of the main reason's he has succeeded in his recovery - ".... always on track and never had a setback" to delay his return. Taking helpful advice from Wainwright, who also had gone through TJ surgery. Watching from the dugout, making mental notes pitching and hitters. Probably the most important point Wainwright made to him, watching from the dugout is important; but, be prepared for the speed of the game. In my opinion, even though going through surgery, no player is going to make it easy on one who returns from the disabled list. No more rehab sessions - it will be "live" and moving fast. Total recall necessary.  

Lynn will be ready to report with the rest of the Cardinals pitchers and catchers, mid-February 2017, at Roger Dean Stadium, Jupiter FL. His presence will be a welcomed return. He will join Wainwright, Carlos Martinez, Mike Leake, and Alex Reyes; which, I'm presuming, will be our five starters for next season. So, until 2017 Opening Day, Monday, April 3 at 3:15 CST ~  Cardinals fans ~ for an exciting season to be realized. 

2017, our Cardinals will return ~