Madison Bumgarner and Conor Gillaspie Shutout Mets In NL Wild Card. Next Up - Chicago Cubs (NLDS)

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Madison Bumgarner fans six in his complete, four hit shutout over the Mets.
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MLB Baseball, my admiration holds, not only for a tremendous slugger; but, for a pitcher with outstanding control and command over his opposition. One of those is San Francisco Giants LHP Madison Bumgarner.  

In last night's National League Wild Card game, "MadBum" tossed a complete, four hit, shutout over the New York Mets. His postseason resume includes: 

Madison Bumgarner ~ Postseason Strong

1. He has a 0.79 ERA over his last nine postseason outings

2. He has a 0.670 WHIP in that same span

3. He has thrown 23 shutout innings in winner-take-all games

4. No pitcher has made more scoreless postseason starts

5. His postseason ERA is the best of all time

(Ted Berg,

However, he faced a strong adversary, Mets Noah Syndergaard. He went seven, two hit, scoreless innings while fanning 10 before retiring from the hill. That scoreless lock went into the ninth inning. 

Mets closer Jeurys Familia, with 51 regular season saves, came in to face the Giants. Top-of-the-order, Brandon Crawford slugs out a double. Familia got his one "K" on Angel Pagan. He issued his one free pass to Joe Panik. Conor Gillaspie comes to the plate, on a 1-1 pitch, sends the leather sailing for a three-hole shot to put the Giants on top. 

The rest is history as Bumgarner takes down the side in his ninth. An extreme game, with fantastic pitching for both teams and great defense. Patience is always the key for a hitter; even though in some games, it must sustain until the last inning of regular play. To wait for the perfect pitch to score the runs. That came in the Giants favor; along with, their "Ace" on the mound. 

The Giants travel to take on the Chicago Cubs. Their first game in the NLDS at Wrigley Field is Friday, October 7. Giants Johnny Cueto will face Cubs Jon Lester with first pitch at 8:00 CST. During the regular season, Cueto pitched once facing the Cubs; and, at Wrigley Field. He went 7 IP/1 ER/5 SO for a no-decision in the Giants, 3-2, loss. Lester, has pitched a total of 11.2 innings against the Giants. The last he faced them in their series at Wrigley, first of September, he had a complete game, giving up 1 HR/1 ER in the Cubs, 2-1, win. 

The Cubs, first to clinch their division in both MLB leagues, closing their season with 103 wins with winning home field advantage for the playoffs. They reached yet another pinnacle this past regular season with 57 wins at home. The Giants are the underdogs in this series. However, if I were the Cubs I certainly would not take anything for granted. Surmised by many, the Cubs will take the series in the first three games. However, postseason play is a whole new animal and the Giants have proven to be "even year" strong. This will be a hard fought battle between these two teams. I foresee this series going down to the fifth game before a victor it seen. 

With Sunday as an off day, the two teams will travel to AT&T Park. Bumgarner is slated to pitch Game 3 facing Cubs Jake Arrieta, Monday, October 10. The AL and NL Wild Card games over; now, let the competition begin to see which team will earn the 2016 World Series pennant.