Cardinals Home Run Streak 20 Consecutive Games For Franchise Record; Effective, But Illusive.

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Brandon Moss and Jedd Gyorko lead the Cardinals with a 25/24 home runs, respectively.
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St. Louis Cardinals have already slugged out 189 home runs this season. In 2015 their season ending total was 137 hole shots. A great show to see the two-seamer sail out of a ball park. But, much of those this season have really not been a difference maker for (RBI) runs batted in. In a conversation yesterday, the question was posed by a Cardinals fan as to how many of their home runs were solos. 

So, I began my research just to find out, which does not include two homers for Adam Wainwright. However, interesting in the results (within one or two I may have missed). Out of the Cardinals 189 total, 127 of those where solo's for a .672 HR-RBI vs Solo percentage. They currently have a 20 consecutive game streak with home runs, a franchise record. Even though, out of those 20 games, the Cardinals are 11/9. Teammates and friends, Brandon Moss and Jedd Gyorko lead the Cardinals with 25/24, respectively. Gyorko, 17/24, has tied or had the go-ahead HR's. Jeremy Hazelbaker (11/3) holds the best HR-RBI/HR-Solo percentage with a .272; followed by, rookie Aledmys Diaz, 14/5/.357.

Cardinals are third in the MLB in home run totals. They do hold second place in the NL Central; however, are 15.5 games behind the Chicago Cubs. Obvious conclusion, a team can knock the leather out of the park and exciting to watch. But, without RBI's to go with, not necessarily a game winner. First place AL East Toronto Blue Jays have 196 to date; followed by, third place Orioles, four games behind the Blue Jays, with 209 HR. 

Cardinals have three players who have hit two home runs in one game. Lead-off Matt Carpenter, Matt Holliday; and, Brandon Moss, two in two games. Stephen Piscotty has produced two grand slams this season with his cannon.  May 27, 2016 was his first against Washington Nationals Max Scherzer. 

July 3, 2016 was his second facing Brewers Chase Anderson. 

The home run has not put the Cardinals in first place this season behind a struggling pitching staff. And, the solo has been plentiful; but, certainly has not guaranteed a win. But, they sure are fun to watch and certainly gets the crowd charged up. 


The last full month of MLB has arrived. September. The Cardinals have 30 games left to play. I want to see more home runs; but I, too, would like to see them with runners on base for an increased RBI total to assist in getting the wins. Who wouldn't? The home run is not planned or guaranteed. A home run is a perfect pitch onto the perfect swing of the bat. 

They had yesterday off to begin the month and traveled to Great American Ball Park to face the Reds in a three game series. Cardinals rookie Alex Reyes (1-0/0.64 ERA) will make his second major league start facing Reds Anthony DeSclafani (8-2/2.96 ERA). The last Reyes faced the Reds, in Busch Stadium August 9, he made his debut from the bullpen in the ninth inning.  While at Memphis Triple-A, as a starter, Reyes did fine until he reached later innings which he began to lose his command and control. Now, as a starter in the majors, Cardinals are hopeful Reyes can go at least five innings, if not six. Currently he has pitched 14 innings, giving up seven hits for only one earned run and has had 17 strikeouts. He holds a 1.07 WHIP. DeSclafani, who has allowed a .257 BA by the Cardinals in the past, was dominate in his last start against the Arizona Diamondbacks. He had his first career complete, four hit shutout with nine strikeouts and a 0.56 WHIP.  For the season, he holds a 1.16 WHIP. This is his second season with the Reds. 

Coming down the stretch, the Cardinals are 1.5 games behind the San Francisco Giants for the second NL Wild Card spot. Closely following, the New York Mets (2) and the Pittsburgh Pirates (2.5). The Miami Marlins are hoovering at three games out. The home run is a luxury in baseball. If it were easy, a hitter would pop them out like the sunflower seed hulls they discard. Would each of our home run sluggers prefer the HR-RBI situation, I'm sure they would. I do not slight them for their solos. Each of those produce one more run on the board. For those Cardinals fans who are dissatisfied with their HR results thus far? They need to step up to plate and give it go. Our Cardinals have done a commendable job in that department. 


This match-up could prove to be one of the best. Reyes just celebrated his 22 birthday, August 29. For him to get the win would be a great "belated" birthday gift.