Listed On Cardinals Organization Schedule - To Observe Tim Tebow August 30 In Los Angeles

Who is this? A new prospect in baseball?  

Recognize this kid? Tim Tebow. He played competitive baseball at Allen D. Nease High School, Ponte Verde, FL. But, not since his junior year, 2005. (Picture provided by his Coach at ADN HS).

Maybe this will help to jog your memory, NFL quarterback Tim Tebow. 

Tim Tebow, on the Denver Broncos roster two seasons, 2010-2011. Then signed by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2012. (Photo by Getty Images)

Seems Tim Tebow wants to get back to his 'baseball roots', since his dreams of NFL stardom have been dashed. He wanted to schedule workouts with each of the 30 MLB teams later this month on August 30. Maybe not a full RSVP list; however, there are currently, at least 20 MLB teams to be represented, that hold curiosity to see for themselves. Yes, St. Louis Cardinals organization representatives will be among those in attendance to observe. Will GM John Mozeliak be among the group to "check him out"? At this point, all we do know is that the "Cardinals" will be attending the event to be held in Los Angeles.  

Tebow played left field in high school, and as a junior, he hit .494 with four homers and led Nease to the semifinal round of the state playoffs. He didn't continue with baseball his senior year, and instead enrolled at the University of Florida early to get started on his college football career, giving up the chance to follow up his all-state honors on the diamond. (Per the article by Daniel Kramer, Also mentioned: "He could have been a good prospect if he had played more," a scout who saw Tebow play in high school told's Jonathan Mayo. "He was super strong with power, though he was a bit stiff."

For those who thoroughly enjoyed Tebow, on the college football field and the NFL, they may just see him in a baseball uniform. One team, out of the current 20 MLB teams that have RSVP'd for his workout, may just sign him to a minor league contract. Which team? Only time will tell. He just turned 29 years old; and, if he succeeds in this new venture, he will find out, as all minor leaguers do, to see daylight in the Bigs is a tough row to hoe. Unlike professionals football, there will be no huge and immediate MLB contract signed. You work your way though the system. Call-ups are based on proven merit, ability, skill and records held. 

However, per his agency, Tebow has been training at Chad Moeller Baseball in Scottsdale, Ariz. Many positives have been observed, by Moeller, who was a MLB catcher from 2000-2010.  

"I am beyond impressed with Tim's athleticism and swing, and it goes without saying that he has shown a high level of discipline and strong work ethic," said Moeller. "I see bat speed and power and real baseball talent. I truly believe Tim has the skill set and potential to achieve his goal of playing in the Major Leagues, and based on what I have seen over the past two months, it could happen relatively quickly."

Keep your radar up for new updates, which the evening of August 30, I'm sure social media will be exploding. For myself, it is reassuring to know - This may sound like a publicity stunt, but nothing could be further from the truth."  His agent SWEARS this to be true. So, it must be the truth coming from an agent. Right?!?  Just a tongue in cheek statement on my part. 

Personally, I am not a Tim Tebow fan and never have been. But, that is here; nor, there. If he can prove to be dedicated in becoming a major league baseball player without all the hype around him, (social media can kill a dead horse several times over), I will be happy to say I'm wrong about Mr. Tebow. To me, no matter what the sport, the proof of an excellent player is the ability to perform at the highest level one is capable of; and, to add to the success of a team. If he can prove himself worthy to play on the major league level, more power to him. 

I do agree, for the most part, with the statement by Milwaukee Brewers manager Craig Counsell in his view:  "I welcome guys trying," he said. "I think it's great for the sport that he's trying. I think that it's fun that he's trying. … He'll find out how hard it is."