Update On Rookie Aledmys Diaz ~ Fractured Right Thumb

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports
HBP on July 31 on his first at-bat, rookie Aledmys was placed on the 15-Day DL due to fractured right thumb
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This afternoon, Jenifer Langosch gives us an update on Cardinals All Star, Rookie of the Year contender, SS Aledmys Diaz. He held a .312 BA at the time of his injury. 

Diaz, who was HBP on July 31 during his first at-bat against the Miami Marlins, was placed on the 15-Day DL. After tests ran, a hairline fracture was found to in his right thumb. August 23, we learn that he is seeing some exercise time in the field. 

Guesstimate time of return - First week of September.