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It's about Baseball, and Off-season Sports
Being a female doesn't mean I'm anti-sports. Far from it, just ask my husband. I'm the sports person of the household. The St. Louis Cardinals are MY baseball team, DA BEARS rank first in NFL, the Fighting ILLINI is my collegiate fav. DA BULLS are my NBA best! I do love my sporting events, but my family comes first and foremost. Life is good!


Beth Chapman

I'm a fan of the Fighting Illini, St. Louis Cardinals, and the Chicago Bears. Enjoy the PGA, the NBA Bulls. But, not much into hockey. My interest in soccer is growing due to grandkids involvement. Even with that said, I do respect and appreciate players of other teams. I like watching their skill on the field. However, I am not without teams/players I just don't like. In the scheme of life, it's too short to "hate" ... save snakes and mice! But then again, one takes care of the other. Preferably out of sight.


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